{When You are Clutching at Hope}

Is it enough to strive?

to want,

to work,

to try
your hardest. Is it enough? There are no guarantees.
Friendships flounder, parents betray, marriages flop or fizzle, children

flail. life
hurts immeasurably

sometimes, is it enough
to try harder? To do your best, when your best
just doesn’t make it all — work — out?
God is faithful, always. is the promise but really, I want to say
Life hurts in my pores, each breath catches in my lungs.

How it possible — God is faithful.
So much sorrow, grief, loss.
So much pain, death, anguish.
How is it possible,
that God is faithful, a comfort;
is holding us tight, sheltering?

Is it okay, I don’t feel it?
Is it okay, I’m not certain?
Is it okay
that every pore hurts?
How it is possible,
God, how?

That’s the trust, that’s the whole thing.

Letting go, free falling into his wings.

3 thoughts on “{When You are Clutching at Hope}

  1. Sometimes, we work so very hard… Struggling and straining with all of our might until we feel consumed by the process. Sometimes, it is the hope that clutches at us that carries us through… Even if it is true that we don’t see it until much, much later.


  2. I heard a quote during the holidays that I thought would resonate with you…. “My faith saves me from optimism and gives me hope instead.” Optimism says that everything is going to be okay. Hope says that no matter what comes, you’ll be okay.


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