Why I Write This Blog

A writer is dear and necessary for us only in the measure of which she reveals to us the inner workings of her very soul. — Leo Tolstoy (pronouns changed)

Hi friend,

Tolstoy’s regard for the writer inspires me. Especially the idea that confession is crucial to a writer’s impact on others.  I didn’t find it when I first began writing, but I identified with it because I can promise you that I offer up myself in everything that I write.

Writing is renewing and life-giving for me and alternatively helps me to figure out what I think. What I write about is unpredictable and often surprises me. 

This blog is a journey that I have been on for thirteen years to find hope in a darkness that clouds my eyes.   

Some have said that I speak recklessly at times and through a particular situation hurt them.  But I have spent childhood and my twenties “holding my tongue” being controlled by my father.  I had no idea what I thought, or felt, much less was I able to express it.  So, if I err on the side of too much truth, that’s why.  But I have hurt others with my words over the years and I regret causing pain.  I hope to dance on the wire of truth, but it is a difficult balancing act.

Thank you for reading.


Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy was a Russian moral thinker, novelist and philosopher, who greatly influenced Russian literature and politics. He lived from 1828-1910.

6 thoughts on “Why I Write This Blog

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more of your words. I’m finally checking out people who have looked at my blog, and it is such a wonder to me how the internet facilitates this sort of dialogue. Thanks for your words and sharing your journey.


    1. Thanks Cassandra. I’m messing around with it right now, trying to figure out the best way to organize things. After three or four years of blogging…it is a full site but I’m not sure it’s easy to access old things. Welcome!!


  2. Hi again Melody,

    I think we might be Kindred spirits…for everything you said about why you write is true for me as well. It is painful to be so honest with an audience of “any one’s” …including most likely my soon to be ex (it was an abusive marriage). But it is also extremely therapeutic to just be able to get it out there and to know that someone – maybe just one someone is getting something from my meanderings.

    Thanks for sharing and hope that we can some how work together!

    Holli (aka. Real Mama at Practice Joy)


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