A writer is dear and necessary for us

only in the measure of which she reveals to us

the inner workings of her very soul.

— Tolstoy (pronouns changed)

Friend, Tolstoy’s regard for the writer inspires me — the thought that confession is crucial to a writer’s impact on others.  I can promise you that I offer up myself in everything that I write here on my blog.

Writing is renewing and life-giving for me and strangely helps me to figure out what I think.  What I write about is unpredictable and often surprises me.  I hope to help you to think differently, to consider the Jesus that I have come to know, or to simply be inspired to change your life in some way.  I will never proselytize, but I talk candidly about my faith experience.

This is my journey, but I invite you along!  And I thank you for the time you take to read my words — in doing so you honor me. When someone tells me how my words helped or moved them, I cherish it.

Be well,


Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy was a Russian moral thinker, novelist and philosopher, who greatly influenced Russian literature and politics. He lived from 1828-1910.

**P.S. I speak recklessly at times.  I don’t usually regret it. I have spent many years constraining my thoughts and being controlled by my father to the point that I had no idea what I thought, or felt, much less was I able to express it.  So, if I err on the side of too much truth, perhaps that’s why.  But I have hurt others with my words over the years and I regret those moments.  I hope to dance on the wire of truth, but it is a difficult balancing act.