Running Toward Life

Writing the first words, after being gone is a little terrifying. I am

out of sync. And that’s the greatest crime, the cardinal rule. Bloggers write.  Regularly, with precision and passion

without pausing.

But I took time off.

I had to do it and I know that I was doing the right thing.

I did it in order to learn, to read (I read half the Bible), spend time with my kids, and figure out why it is so hard for me to just be.

For it is more important who I am than what I think. 

It is more important how I treat people than how I lay down words on a page.

It is most important that I am being the person. than that I am writing about her.

Now I feel creaky, rusty even to even put these few words here.  To begin the offering of myself again to others.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve had thousands of words come.  Most still a jumble

in my head.  And heart, as I ran more than 180 miles this summer the words came.

My head and heart and soul are full.

And I’m hopeful, for I am a gentler, (hopefully) wiser, more circumspect and certainly more confident person

after taking a break.

I look forward to joining up with you again soon

with chapters of the book, more poetry and ongoing spiritual musings. And some of the hundreds of photographs that I enjoyed taking.


5 thoughts on “Running Toward Life

  1. Oh Melody, I am so pleased for you. I recently have been going through a time where I haven’t processed life with words. My fear is always that I will never be able to sit and write again, that my words will not come easily or have impact. I am glad you shared this. It encourages me to remember that fields lay fallow for a season so that they can be fertile and grow new crops. I hope this time was like that for you. Blessings, Sis.


  2. Love that you took a break. It takes courage, but provides a re-rooting of identity. This social media world is rich and vibrant, but also dangerous. It can easily pull us into the wrong priorities and the plague of self doubt. So happy you had this kind of summer. And, I’m also glad you are back.


  3. Taking a break is courageous and necessary. This social media world is rich and deep, but also has dangers around every corner: wasted time, questioned worth, encouraged angst among them. A break provides a sort of re-rooting. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful summer. And, I am also glad you are back!


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