{A Letter to my Soul}

A letter to my soul
if I were giving her permission.

Dear self, won’t you
be happy?

Stop with the endless mental chatter
howling and rabid:
“You are not good enough.”
Just stop,

life is supposed to be fun and you
my darling young thing should enjoy your life
even just a bit.

Enjoy your family,
your talent,
your abundance,
your quirky take on the world,
your eloquent speech,
your strange and peculiar heart that is broken-down,
all too often crushed by everyone’s pain.

Enjoy just a little bit,
silly soul, be happy.

If someone catches you dancing, well wouldn’t that be
something to behold.

3 thoughts on “{A Letter to my Soul}

  1. Thank you for putting this into words and then for sharing it–it was exactly what I needed to hear this week. It’s going into my save folder so i can read it again, and again.


    1. Wow, thank you for telling me. Just today I was thinking of quitting. I know stupid, and not really, but I feel so … lacking in direction for my writing. What am I writing? What is it for? How to move it ahead? (More than personal processing into a book or something tangible.)


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