{My Weak-Kneed Lack}

God is reckless
and strong, even when I am
all too fearful and weak.

I feel my humanity
daily, almost hourly, even minute by minute.  My body creaks
as I rise early in the morning. I feel my aging like the tick-tick-tick of an old clock. Telling me
I’m late, up too late
even though I’m up early.

The constant, frequent flurry of life makes it impossible to breathe sometimes.
I want deep, cavernous honest breaths and to appreciate being alive.

I snap at my child moments after I read about controlling
your tongue. I cannot believe
myself sometimes.  My weak-kneed lack
of self-control.

God is strong, even
when I am weak.  I want to be more, like
God.  I keep wanting,
knowingly eager that this
inhalation and desire



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