“There is a sacred quality to words. They are not information but revelation.” – Eugene Peterson

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I’m no saint, but I long to be worthy. I’m a  missionary kid who discovered I had no grace-filled faith of my own, but found the way back to a relationship with Jesus after leaving full-time ministry, accepting the sacrifices of motherhood at-home, becoming a drunk and then sober, being deeply depressed and throughout it all, working to be more accepting of myself and others. I am a writer and photographer. I live to write another day and to use any power or influence I have for good.

I began this blog six years ago, four months after I got sober.  It’s purpose then was to process my sobriety and try to find community. It also became an outlet for questioning faith and disbelief, along with processing a painful sometimes abusive childhood and the depression that has been with me, on and off, for nearly a decade. Threaded through out you will find a bit of processing being an at-home mother of four (three biological children and my step-daughter, now 26 and not at home. She calls me, her “other Mom”.) I’ve been married twenty years to a Music Man, who has made a successful career in business making it possible for me to be a writer, at-home mother, and sometimes photographer. He’s passionate about making music in his studio in our basement and has several wonderful CDs. I’d urge you to listen.

As a feminist I struggle to accept this role at-home and write about that tension, as well as the stress and heartache I experience being an Egalitarian in a Complementarian church. I work to be humble and yet faithful to my head and heart.

I have essays and poems published in these books: 

Not Alone:Stories of Living with Depression, Civitas Press, 2011;

Finding Church: Stories of Leaving, Switching and Reforming,  Civitas Press, 2012;

Not Afraid: Stories of Confronting Fear,  Civitas Press, 2013;

Disquiet Time: Rants and Reflections on the Good Book by the Skeptical, the Faithful, and a Few Scoundrels published by Jericho Books, (available for pre-order now) Oct 2014.   

I am a member of the Redbud Writers Guild and an occasional writer for Provoketive magazine, SheLoves magazine and Today’s Christian Woman magazine.

My blog is quiet even contemplative. Sometimes I wonder if my readers are really there, but I know you are there because you send me many private messages of similar experiences and appreciation for my writing and more than 1,500 people get my email notifications when I write. I’m so thankful for my readers over the six years of the life of this blog. You will not find controversy to generate traffic, only words that push people to think differently about faith and disbelief, mental illness, addiction, and motherhood.

My blog contains more than 100 poems, six years of essays and original photographs. Stay and read a while.


Melody Harrison Hanson

All photography and words are my own unless noted.

“The only opportunity you will ever have to live by faith is in the circumstances you are provided this very day: this house you live in, this family you find yourself in, this job you have been given, the weather conditions that prevail at the …moment.” ― Eugene H. Peterson

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