[Lenton Series] If you were homeless…

/even the homeless ... / Part 1
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If you were homeless, consider the obstacles to finding a job.

First, how do you find out about jobs?  Then, how to look reasonably clean and tidy?  We’ve all slept outside and know how scanky one gets in just one night.   You have to get across town to ask for an interview and schedule it, meanwhile did you type up & print your resumé at the library? What library, where?   Then you must get back to the place at the scheduled time on the scheduled day —  on the bus, with what money?? Will you walk  …. and you can’t get anything else without a job and yet how difficult.

And what it you have children?

It’s a broken system.  And then I think, how can I help?

As you consider all the luxuries given up for Lent, pray for those who have nothing.  At least nothing physical, tangible —  A place to live, things, more than one pair of shoes, food three times a day, connection to friends and family.  Pray for their spirits.   Pray for how you might response.

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Alliance to End Homelessness

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