Good People (those that toil, so that others can create)

There are people,

good people who toil every day

at work they don’t love and some

days simply endure.

Why do these people, good people do that?

They’re partnered with a creative soul;

a dreamer, someone

who scribbles words one after another, collected into pages

of an idea that is yet to come;

that hears a different drum beat and dance;

who changes others’ trajectory through an image or a song;

who observes  life for its beauty and complexity;

who follows an uncomfortable path into the unknown.

These people, good people do

their everyday work because they love a dreamer.

Here’s to the good people whose love’s labor

is a gift to us all.


For Tom and Carol and the other good people.

One thought on “Good People (those that toil, so that others can create)

  1. Reblogged this on Temporary no More and commented:
    My mother was one such person, she supported me when I was younger. I have had several wonderful people throughout my life who provided structure enough to allow me the freedom to try to create. Melody has done such an incredible job of succinctly sharing the beauty in that relationship dynamic. Nuts and bolts people need to fly once in awhile, and fliers need to touch down once in awhile. Love this poem!


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