[21 day detox]


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I have eaten

my last waffle.

I am doing my homework in order to do a 21 day fast. The theory is that our bodies are full of toxins from poor eating, our unhealthy environment and general bad living.  So, in order to have our body working at maximum efficiency one needs to flush it of all those toxins.

Over the last year I have had:

  1. chronic headaches (two to three a week),
  2. ongoing knee pain,
  3. TMJ/jaw clenching with pain,
  4. gastrointestinal issues,
  5. a weight gain of fifteen pounds (at least),
  6. to take antihistamines for constant allergies,
  7. to take antidepressant medication because I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I have also:

  1. gone off an anti-anxiety/sleep mediation,
  2. quit drinking alcohol, and
  3. quit smoking.

Good things, but lots of toxins stored up I’m thinking.

I’ve been reading the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days by Roni DeLuz, RN, ND. My sister did this fast and saw incredible health benefits, several health issues completely resolved and she felt fantastic!

I thought I might record the journey. Follow along if you wish.

Today I have to get organized by ordering the supplies and supplements which thanks to my sister Tonya I can order fro http://www.iherbs.com for much less than the package deal at the Doctor’s website. Dust off the juicer my mom gave me and on Monday make an appointment for a Colonic. (Yes, it’s that serious.) And call Tonya to get her advice and tips. She’s also doing the fast, starting today, so she’ll be a few days ahead of me!

I will begin when I get my care package in the mail.  Stay tuned.

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