[21 day fast]

At the risk of being completely petty, considering what’s going on in the greater world, this is a last update on the 21 day fast.  Frankly I need the closure.  Here’s how it all started.

On Thursday, January 7th, I began what for me ended up being a ten-day fast.  My goal was 21 days.  It’s been a thoroughly frustrating experience.

Examining My Motives.

I have to admit that I went into this really wanting to lose the weight quickly and with very little effort.  I thought this fast would be “very little effort.”  I am not sure why.   My sister who has done the fast said it was “really difficult.”  I heard what I wanted to hear.  I underestimated the sacrifices. Here’s what I wrote a ten days ago.

“The theory is that our bodies are full of toxins from poor eating, the environment and general bad living.  So, in order to have our body working at maximum efficiency one needs to flush it of all those toxins.  Over the last year I have had chronic headaches (two to three a week), right knee pain, TMJ – jaw clenching with pain, gastrointestinal issues, a weight gain of fifteen pounds (at least), to take antihistamines for frequent allergies, to take antidepressant medication because I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I have also gone off a prescribed medication, quit drinking alcohol, and quit smoking. (I know I’m amazing.  I’m applying for angelic status.)  Ahem, back to reality.  Quiting these things was good for me but I now have toxins stored up in my body, I’m thinking.

I’ve been reading the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days by Roni DeLuz, RN, ND. My sister did this fast and saw incredible health benefits, several health issues completely resolved and she felt fantastic!

It took me about six days to find a stride where I wasn’t starving all the time.  But I juiced fruit.  And it turns out that’s a no-no.  Also, I didn’t quit coffee totally.  Another rule breaker.  W e are to have our green drinks, Berry drinks, fresh veggie juice (mostly green) and the soup, the supplements and tea.  So, I hate green drinks.  I tried holding my nose but it’s just awkward to drink 6 oz of something totally repugnant, while holding your nose.  Another faster, who read my blog said this:

“Wow. You are persistent and determined with all these ups and downs. Good for you. I’ve done the detox 4 or 5 times before and am doing one now so there are a few suggestions I can make. You really should limit your use of fruits. Fruits are a feeding food and while a small piece of apple is okay to add for taste, any other fruits besides lemon or lime should be avoided until maintenance time. It could be that you are making and drinking too much fresh juice all at once. Six ounces is plenty and make sure you take something every two hours – tea, water with lemon, green drink (the Berry Berry is best but maybe you can find a better drink in your health food store, if your tastes are discriminating). Peach tea or cranberry weightless from Traditional Medicinals is good also. Are you taking enzymes? Also available at store and necessary to help digest. I always start a detox with a colonic so I don’t have the issues you mentioned. Senna tea is harsh and if you use it, don’t steep too much, especially if you haven’t had a colonic and there’s a lot of material in your system.”  — Lauren

Lessons learned.

Water, water, water.  I didn’t drink enough.   I juiced fruits, should not have.  But mainly I got pissed because I felt that I wasn’t seeing it on the scale and was tired of feeling bad about it.  I’m trying now to recall what I felt that was so bad.  Perhaps it was the boredom of not eating “food.”  Sometimes I am a mystery to myself.

All in all, I got down to 161, from 170 lbs.

My Problems with this Plan.

  1. For someone who has never fasted this is a hard one to start with and I would recommend a three-day or five-day fast to start.
  2. MONEY.  This is the rich person’s program:   $1,200 – $1,700.  Colonics  $65 x 3 = $195;  Lymphatic message: $60 x 3 =  (I did only  one) $180; Supplements & drinks: $200 +;  Veggies, distilled water = $100?; misc supplies (enema bag, dry brush, teas, tinctures) $75+;  Juicer = $200*;  Chi Machine = $180*;  trampoline = $25-40*;  Book borrowed, as well as *.   I didn’t even do the saunas and body wraps which would have added $500 from a Spa.  I did not spend that much as many things were borrowed or I already owned.   (Caveat:  If I were ill with cancer or had some other sort of “incurable” disease I would try something like this in a heart beat.  Because I am not saying that it doesn’t work or help.  Just too expensive for your average Joe.)
  3. TIME.  It takes a lot of time to “take care of yourself” to this degree.  A luxury I have, but most do not.  And I experienced guilt.

Positives & Lessons learned.

  1. You do lose weight.  Nine in ten days is actually quite dramatic and I am positive if I could have finished it I would have lost another nine at least.  It’s impossible not to with the amount of calories you’re taking in.
  2. My mood is good today and I feel good.   This is a triumph for me as one who fights chronic depression and I look forward to discovering whether I manage to get through the winter without depression.  That would be a first in six years.

This fast forced me to spend a lot of time evaluating  my food.  Thinking about what I put into my mouth.  Thinking about the fact that we literally ARE WHAT WE EAT.  If you put sugar, fat, processed foods, preservatives and other toxins in your body you will suffer for it.   The purpose of food is to give us energy.  Anything that you eat that you know does not give you energy (donuts, cookies, chips, candy, soft drinks, too much alcohol, nicotine, medication) takes away from your good health.

You will not lose weight and likely will continue to gain weight if your lifestyle is sedentary.   The older we get, the more likely this is.   A person should have a BM once a day. The better you treat yourself the more energy you will have to live your life!

All in all, it was a good experience because of what I learned about myself.  The value of caring for this body I have been given — We only get one.  We only have one life.  Eating well is counter cultural but worth it!

What do I mean by counter cultural?

For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are determined by using weight and height to calculate a number called the “body mass index” (BMI). BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with their amount of body fat.  An adult who has a BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight.  18.5—24.9 is healthy.  An adult who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.

I am now 161.  This BMI Index chart says I should be 125 to be in the healthy range. I think this is a bit extreme. The last time I was that weight was in my early twenties.  The only way I could get back to that weight would be eat healthy, build muscle, limit fat and sugar.  About four years ago I got down to 145 and my mother-in-law (who is quite healthy herself) said I was too thin.  But I’m thinking it was more that I was unhealthy.  Me at 125 would be counter cultural because it isn’t the norm to be so thin, but I would love to be.  We’re so used to being around squishy overweight people.  That’s the norm.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a BMI calculator for every age.  Once you determine it, it’s important to track what you are eating and your exercise.  Because we lie to ourselves!  Here’s an online tool for tracking.

I’ll finish by suggesting that you read this article by Mike Adams, Editor of NaturalNews.com, from May 29, 2005. Here are a few sound bites.

“So why do we live in such a degenerate society? What’s the cause of this degeneration? There are basically two causes. Primarily, there’s an utter lack of nutrition, both in our national food supply and in our avoidance of sunlight and nutritional supplements. Secondly, the American people’s minds and bodies are being poisoned by prescription drugs, food additives, metabolic disruptors, artificial light, toxic chemicals in personal care products, household cleaners, and so on.”          …..

In the food category, the mass consumption of hydrogenated oils causes malformed brains and nervous systems in infants. It disrupts normal brain function, causes brain fog, and lowers the oxygenation of cells throughout the body. Americans eat well over 10 billion pounds of hydrogenated oils each year, and the FDA still refuses to ban the ingredient even though the World Health Organization urged nations to outlaw this substance decades ago (in 1979)!

Next Steps.

  1. Cardio Exercise Daily. (currently 1.5 miles on treadmill.)
  2. Build muscle by going to the Y with my mom three times a week.
  3. For the next few weeks I will eat MOSTLY fruits and veggies.  Stay away from breads and small portions of meat.
  4. Get regular.  (You know what I mean.)


Cheers to good health, mental and physical.

Be well!


P.S.  US Obesity Trends has dramatic statistics by Ethnicity & Race.

[21 day detox] A diary

“There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever”

— Mahatma Gandhi

21 day detox fast

Read here for the background to why I am doing the fast.

Monday: 167.5

Tuesday: 170.00 (go figure)

Wednesday, Official Day -1

  • Drank coffee with cream, toast before my package arrived around two.  Then officially began the ‘program.”
  • Physically, suffered from an incredible and horrible headache, in my temples.  But emotionally, a m a z i n g!  (Oh, and it’s that time of the month.)
  • Purchased a Dry Brush and teas from Community Pharmacy downtown.
  • Cooked one of the veggie soups.  Weird, I have to say but not bad.  Broke down and used 1/2 tsp of salt.  I think of everything I am giving up for these 21 days, salt the most difficult.
  • Cooked chicken, salad and mac & cheese for dinner for the family.  Good to cook a healthy meal, strange that I can’t eat it.  Didn’t even taste it.  But Tom said the chicken was “the best.”

Thursday, January 7th,  Day 1

-- Haven't weighed today.
  • Drank coffee this morning.  Been thinking, on Tom’s advice that I shouldn’t try to quit cold-turkey.  But had no half-and-half.  (Missed the h&h. Sigh!)
  • Got a Lymphatic Massage. ($80 or a package of three for $195.)  Eek, this is starting to add up.
  • While that was going on I began to think about areas of my life where I feel powerless and full of fear.
  1. That I am going to mess up my kids, because I’m learning so much but hopefully not too late!
  2. A situation from childhood that changed the direction of one relationship for more than thirty years.  I’m going to do something about it.

The woman who gave me my massage was a bit “out there” but I resonated with the thought that when those worries come, don’t take them in.  Hand them over to your higher goddess or in my case the Holy Spirit.   Let go!  Intentionally think through, yes visualize letting go of that worry and fear.

Yowza!  I feel great.  And hungry which isn’t great.  I’m late on one of my drinks!

Drank Senna Tea (which is for constipation) and pureed bean soup from the book.  Not bad.  I have had enough for tonight too.

Friday, January 8th, Day 2

166  [go figure*]

*Tom says: “One who is on diet must weigh themselves at the same time and in the same circumstances (clothed or naked) etc, otherwise one can’t complain.” Thanks Confucius!

Woke up in the middle of the night, over and over with a stomach ache, air popping inside me (aren’t I discreet), pain when I would lay on my right side.  It was miserable.   Have the runs all day. The medicinal tea that I drank was Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move SENNA.  I think this tea should have a warning on it!  Causes gas!

And the other thing I didn’t expect was peeing over and over, feels like when I was pregnant!  I guess that makes sense, when all I am “eating” is liquids.  And I’m still hungry though my mom says this will stop tomorrow.  Yesterday I was hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I juiced twice today.  Beets, carrots, celery, apples, … it was yummy!  For mid-day I juiced something similar.  Yeah, I need to go to the store.  You quickly run out of veggies.

I am also drinking:

  • an 8 oz glass of water every two hours and a cup of tea,
  • intermittently: a Garden Greens VegeSplash Super Orac Concentrated Greens Drink Mix, Zesty Tomato flavor.  (It has 14 vegetables including Tomato, Kale and Spinach, 10 Green Foods including Spirulina, Barley Greens, Wheat Grass, Green Tea, Soy Fiber and Plant Based Enzymes.
  • and Garden Greens 24 hr Inner Cleanse Daytime/Nighttime Formula.

I ate my black bean soup pureed, from last night’s dinner. I also cheated and backed two sweet potatoes in the oven, peeled and mashed them and ate them like that.  No chewing so technically I guess it’s okay.  It was delicious.

Saturday, January 9, Day 3

Last night I felt very sick.  My stomach hurt terribly, though not in any one place really.  An overall fullness and lots of gas.  I just decided to go to bed and hope to wake to a better day.  This am my stomach seems to be relieved but I have a headache.  This may subside after half decaf/half regular coffee as I somehow slept until 9:30!  Very strange to sleep so long since I went to bed so early.  I woke to the smell of toasting raisin bread – and I wanted to die!  I love bread in any shape or form.  I will sip my coffee slowly and hope for the headache to subside.

Sunday, January 10, Day 4 and Monday, January 11, Day 5

Weighed in on Monday at 166, which for the life of me makes no sense.

  • I’ve juiced and have been drinking water and taking supplements.
  • walking (started walking a full mile and breaking a sweat.
  • 15 minutes on the Chi machine,  borrowed from mom.
  • Also she brought me a Rebounder (small trampoline) which she got for cheap at Aldi.  Two minutes on that thing wears me out!
  • Had the devil of a time finding an Enema bag.  Finally got one so that should be interesting.  My first Coffee Enema today.
  • The vapid hunger is lessening, just drink a Tomato Green Drink when I get hungry and drink water every 1/2 hour.
  • I have been constipated ever since I recovered from the diarrhea of Friday?

Emotionally I considered quitting Sunday because I haven’t lost any weight.  Tonya did the fast for 7 days and lost 9 pounds.  I told Tom I must have a tumor.  There is no way I can be eating like I am (rather drinking.  I haven’t chewed anything since last Wednesday.) and NOT LOSE WEIGHT??????  My mom convinced me to give it a week.  That would be until I weigh in on Wednesday.

Spiritually and Mentally I feel amazing!  Seriously positive, and energized and hopeful!  I

Tuesday, Jan 12, Day 6

Paavo Airola, one of the pioneers of fasting in America, states in his book How to Get Well” that “systematic under eating and periodic fasting are the two most important health and longevity factors.”

I am on day six of a twenty-one day fast. The theory is that our bodies are full of toxins from poor eating and drinking habits, our unhealthy environment, medications and general bad living.  So, to have our body working at maximum efficiency one needs to flush it of all those toxins.  My fast is based on the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days. The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox by Roni DeLUZ founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat.

Down 6.5 pounds since a week ago Monday.  I officially began in the fast Wednesday night, but I began to get my mind into it the Monday before.  I was 170 at the highest and I was 146.5 lbs/39 bmi.

I went to Willy Street Co-op, became and member and bought grapefruits, oranges, apples, pineapple juice all to JUICE and cover the flavor of GREEN.  That’s been the most difficult aspect of juicing green things is they taste like crap!  Well, to be more literal they taste green.  Like grass.  Wicked bad.  So I am smothering them with fresh squeezed juice.  But the benefits of broccoli, kale, collard greens, lettuces, fennel, celery, etc are so high that I have to juice them daily.


Wednesday, January 13, Day 7

Didn’t walk, Did Chi, ran out of distilled water. Juiced fruit. I try to add green veggies and it’s just yuck!  Constipated.

Thursday, January 14, Day 8

I’m not drinking enough water.  Probably half that I should after looking at the daily schedule online.  I am drinking coffee and that is “not allowed” so I will not drink it tomorrow.  I was down to half decaf.  I missed walking on Tuesday so I walked 1.6 miles and burned calories.  I’ve been juicing more fruit than veggies.  I have not done the Kidney Cleanse because I do not have the Goldenrod Tincture (though I have looked three places) and finally ordered it online.   I absolutely can’t stand the green drinks and have revolted.  I only drink the tomato and have ordered more.  I made soup of root veggies last night and pureed it for dinner.  Several nights I have eaten two small sweet potatoes baked in oven and then pureed.  Wonder if these are bad?  I’m low on energy.  And today I feel bloody pissed!

Weight 164.5 lbs/41 BMI (-6.5)

I’m trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, what to tweak, because I feel like I am doing this for nothing.  I have another Colonic today, so perhaps that will get out some of this rage.  Because I am really angry!  Need to call Tonya.

Juiced two giant carrots, celery and one grapefruit.  It’s okay. Gagging it down.  11:00 am

12:00 Colonic.

Final report on Friday, january 15, day 9 & Saturday, Day 9 Weight 161 lbs (-9 lbs ) and the summation of this fast.

[21 day detox] preparation & disclaimer

21 DAYS, oh boy!

I am embarking on an adventure to heal myself! And I could not be more excited!  The Martha’s Vineyard Detox is a cleansing detoxification program.

“We are all exposed to chemicals and substances in our daily environments: cigarette smoke, smokestack emissions pesticide runoff, carpet, paint and bleach fumes, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, antibiotics and hormones, dry-cleaning fluid residue, nail polish, hair color harm our body and compromise our health…Overtime, toxic elements accumulate in our cells, gunk up our organs, erode our quality of life, and cause many of the low-grade discomforts that are familiar: allergies, fatigue, heartburn, headaches and loss of energy.  Toxins make us more susceptible to serious chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.  In fact, these poisons foul up the delicate inner workings of our bodies so much that many of us gain unwanted weight.”

Upfront I will say my mom is a trained naturopath.  She has been a vocal proponent of natural remedies and the belief in the body’s ability to heal and keep itself healthy.  Generally I would agree that traditional Chinese medicine makes sense to me — which is based on the concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of sophisticated and interconnected systems, and that those systems usually work in balance to maintain the healthy function of the human body.

But my “universe” has been messed up for some time.

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life hearing about ‘this or that’ theory or the latest diet or fast she was doing.  And since my mom had struggled with her own health, and weight, and has yo-yo’d, I pretty much dismissed it all cart blanch. I heard her testimony about healing herself of thyroid problems and lung disease and took it with some skepticism.  I would use the occasional L-lysine for boosting your immune system and tried a few other things, but mostly — unfortunately — I was patronizing and glib about most of her plans, though I never expressed it out loud (to her)  — I simply didn’t listen to her.  Like Charlie Brown’s parents, her health advice went in as “Wah, wah.”  Very sorry Mom!

It is a mystery to me why I was open to considering my health right now.  I believe spiritually and physically I was searching for some answers and for whatever reason the timing was right.

My sister was doing this particular detox last year and I saw the immediate health results — that really sold me.  Health issues that she has struggled with her entire adult life just “went away” via this detox.  (She has since backed this up with her medical doctor’s analysis.) And so I read the book over Christmas break and just finished it.  And the book is compelling!

Read my blog  “I have eaten my last waffle!” here for how it began for me.

My fast begins today (when my stuff arrives in the mail) but it was not something that you can go into without planning.  I have to admit upfront that this fast is going to be a challenge!  Thus far, I have ordered my supplements and green drinks.  I have had the first dreaded colonic. (Not as bad as you would think!)  I will have a Lymphatic Massage tomorrow.  My first reaction is expensive.  Already expensive!  Your average person would not probably afford $200 of vitamins, supplements, etc. and the $110 for colonic and ionic foot bath.  Only if you were already extremely ill would it make sense.  But we’ll see.  I’ll keep track of the expenses vs. what I get out of it.

As a writer I thought this book was badly organized.  So one of the things I want to do during this fast, is to break things down more clearly.  The science and personal reflections in the book are important to read, so if you’re interested in this detox you will still have to read the book. It is 21 Pounds in 21 Days. The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox by Roni DeLUZ founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat.

Disclaimer: If you are at all squeamish about  how your bodily functions OR reading  about physical changes in mine, this [21 DAY FAST] segment of my blog may not be for you.  But I would say, give it a chance.  I may talk about colonics and other bodily changes, it is not because I’m strange but because I WANT THIS TO BE A REAL DIARY OF MY EXPERIENCE DURING THE 21 DAYS and we get squeamish about these things and ignore what our body is saying to us. And the point of a cleansing toxins out is to experience the changes within and I would like to be able to let others know of the benefits.  Because my prediction is that this will be life changing.

[OK, so you have been warned.]

As I finished up the book the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox and began to make my plans, one of the things I needed to do was think about my goals.

Why am I completing this detox?

I think my reasons have evolved.  As soon as I began to read the book I began to be more aware of my body.  The extreme discomfort in my clothing, certain aches and pains like frequent head-aches, strange pain in my right lower tummy area after eating, constant constipation, sore stiff knees,  and difficulty sleeping sometimes.  On top of that I quit smoking and drinking alcohol in the last year, so my lungs and my liver are toxic.  I struggle with depression and anxiety and have taken an antidepressant medication for about five years.  I stopped another medication this year.  I have chronic allergies and pop Benadryl like candy.  As well as Advil or something like it for headaches. I’m addicted to caffeine and joke about it as if it’s funny.

Well apparently most of these things are not or do not need to be a part of my life.  Huh!   I can detox my way out of most of them. And so can you.  NONE of these things are something one HAS to live with and endure.

Oh, and I forgot the most troubling reason: I have gained some weight all over, but especially around the middle, and I can not seem to rid myself of it!  I am not a dieter, so this has frustrated me like hell! A lot of it has to do with my sedentary lifestyle but I just have no energy for things.  No Zeal, no Zest for life!

Guess what, we do not have to live with these type of discomforts and we can heal our body of these things with a detox.

I am looking forward to and expect: more energy, less need to sleep, better mental clarity, memory and focus; fewer headaches and backache; less knee aches and joint pain; a reduction in cellulite; fewer colds and a stronger immune system.

Next time I will talk about exactly what the detox involves.

I will keep you posted as to how I am feeling.

[21 day detox]


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I have eaten

my last waffle.

I am doing my homework in order to do a 21 day fast. The theory is that our bodies are full of toxins from poor eating, our unhealthy environment and general bad living.  So, in order to have our body working at maximum efficiency one needs to flush it of all those toxins.

Over the last year I have had:

  1. chronic headaches (two to three a week),
  2. ongoing knee pain,
  3. TMJ/jaw clenching with pain,
  4. gastrointestinal issues,
  5. a weight gain of fifteen pounds (at least),
  6. to take antihistamines for constant allergies,
  7. to take antidepressant medication because I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I have also:

  1. gone off an anti-anxiety/sleep mediation,
  2. quit drinking alcohol, and
  3. quit smoking.

Good things, but lots of toxins stored up I’m thinking.

I’ve been reading the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days by Roni DeLuz, RN, ND. My sister did this fast and saw incredible health benefits, several health issues completely resolved and she felt fantastic!

I thought I might record the journey. Follow along if you wish.

Today I have to get organized by ordering the supplies and supplements which thanks to my sister Tonya I can order fro http://www.iherbs.com for much less than the package deal at the Doctor’s website. Dust off the juicer my mom gave me and on Monday make an appointment for a Colonic. (Yes, it’s that serious.) And call Tonya to get her advice and tips. She’s also doing the fast, starting today, so she’ll be a few days ahead of me!

I will begin when I get my care package in the mail.  Stay tuned.