Nothing and Everything

Nothing and Everything

a poem by Melody Harrison Hanson


Some Days.

Some days are clues that no matter how far you’ve come,

you are nothing.

(And you are everything.)

 Nothing and everything to the Divine and Holy One who loves – accepts – heals – guides – knows.


The Holy One loves you no matter how often you stumble.

The Holy One accepts you for everything you are today and sees who you are becoming.

For this Creator God made you, even chose you and is the architect of your life.

The Holy One heals, because we sure need a healing.  Especially when confronted by the hideous ogre of our envy and pride.

The Holy One guides and has a plan.


“Even for me?” I cry, in the shadowy, nocturnal hours of fear, anger, twisted truths, ignorance, self-delusion and distrust?

“YES, even you” whispers The Holy One.


The Holy One knows me better than I know myself,

leads me through the dark sheol of my own creating.

Patiently, kindly pulling me back when my motives, impure and self-seeking, make a collision course with life.

The Holy One is the perfect parent, understanding what I need, who I am and who I will become.

This Holy One believes when I cannot believe in myself.

For I know I am so frequently frail,




from the Holy One

who knows all, knows me, knows the future.

Even these days

when through my streaming hot tears of shame and regret, I can only look up.

“YES, even you” whispers The Holy One.


Some days.

Some days are cues to humble you.  To learn that no matter

if you are nothing, you are everything

to the Holy One.

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