Molly came to lunch on Sunday with some big news.

She wants to go back to school

to study theater and costume design.

She’s moving home to save money.  In August.

This is a good thing.

How quickly the years pass. In 1992 Tom was recently separated and I was just back from a summer in Russia.

Molly was the sweetest child and full of joy.  I was always amazed by the joy inside her.  She was an only child.  Her parents were separated.  She lived with her single dad.  But when Tom and I decided to get married she was thrilled.  She clearly wanted two parents who were married to each other.   Her “real” mom was around but not regularly at that point.

Over the years Molly’s gentle spirit and joy served her well.  It wasn’t until middle school that things really got tough for her. I was an insecure step-mom, fragile, controlling, and a perfectionist.  Some day perhaps I’ll write about those years.

But today it is worth noting that we have a great relationship.  I love her dearly and the idea of her moving back home after being on her own for almost four years is great!

One thought on “Homecoming

  1. You are so right about Molly back then–so joyful. I used to call her Ollie (goodness knows why), so she decided I was “Egg”. Too cute.

    So happy for you all!



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