imagine photography, llc

Photography is truth.

Imagine Photography, LLC was first conceived when others began to approach me about my photography — asking if I would shoot their kids or for their publication.  Others have seen my zeal for making life live on in photographs, as I was doing that for my family.  And in 2007, after my youngest began school, I officially began Imagine Photography.  (Please forgive the moment of self promotion.)

I really believe there are things nobody would see

if I didn’t photograph them. – Diane Arbus

I enjoy capturing life in unique ways and sometimes I charge for it.  For many projects, I donate my time.  I never want money to be an obstacle to creating an image of your family, so please do not let it keep you from contacting me.  It is my way of giving back of my time and talents and it is my pleasure.

I shoot people (babies, children, families, seniors “old and young)” business events and parties (no weddings).  I shoot for magazines & newspapers.  I also have some fine art pieces for sale and I am working on a new project for showcasing in 2010.

I tell stories with my photography and would love to meet you and hear yours.

My rates:

  1. For a photography session of any number of people (including animals): $135 per hour.  For $75, I offer a disk of all the images and give you copyright to own and print the images.
  2. For an event: $145 per hour which includes 2 disks of all the images and give you the copyright to own and print the images.
  3. If I have to travel outside of Dane County, I include mileage.
  4. Prints can purchased individually from me.

For a list of client referrals, to schedule your shoot or to ask questions, please email me at or call me at 608-516-4269.

It is one thing to photograph people.

It is another to make others care about them

by revealing the core of their humanness.- Paul Strand

“Photography is truth.” – Jean-Luc Godard

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

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