the saving of a squirrel and other cool wildlife

So we found a baby squirrel. It was in shock, bleeding out of its nose a little and mostly scared to death! I rocked it like a baby for 15 minutes at least and I was astounded by how calm he got.

Ray The long and short of it, we took it to a wild life lovin’ place, and our baby “Ray” of sunshine will hopefully be fine.

Truthfully this was not how I would have chosen to spend part of my Labor Day, but it was important to my friend my friend and my 11 year old, so we “rescued” the baby squirrel.

I’m more heartless; I would have given it a nice burial close to home. We had to go to two places, before we found the Four Lakes Wildlife Center behind the Dane County Humane Society. It was a cool place. We discovered all sorts of cuties too wild for the Humane Society.

I have to say, it is kind of nice knowing that the little guy will be okay.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

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