Tom’s Music on Primetime CBS show


My lovely husband.  I am so proud of him.  Although his ‘day job’ is wonderful and he’s an amazing leader of his organization, I know that his passion is his music which does in his off hours. Last year he completed his 2nd album, ironically titled Everything Takes Forever, a five year project?! It’s a beautiful CD.

He just received word that one of his songs—“Even So” from his 2nd CD Everything Takes Forever will be used on  the CBS prime time show, Ghost Whisperer, tonight Friday (2/13/09, 8:00 PM ET; 7:00 PM CT) If you’d like, check it out.

Also, his website is: in case you want to stop by to sample.

Peace to all,  Melody

One thought on “Tom’s Music on Primetime CBS show

  1. WOW! Really, that is amazing. Congrats to Tom.

    One thing I remember strongly about Tom during the short time I knew him is that he WAS such a good employer–really passionate about service and caring for his employees and the challenge of it all. For an ABD in English, his job seemed totally anomalous to me, yet in a way it was a really good fit. Oddly, it helped me to see that whatever I was doing (like being a Secretary instead of a Bible translator–which is basically why I majored in what I majored in), I could do it with passion and integrity.

    He and Pa Ingalls taught me that.

    I’m heading over to tomhansonmusic to check it out.


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