Buy Local: Pledge to Spend $100 at Local Merchants this Holiday Season

12/03.2008 Edit.  No matter where you live, spending locally will help your local community and I would encourage you to consider it.


The Isthmus – Madison’s local weekly newspaper – is urging readers to spend at least $100 of their holiday money this fall at locally owned stores in Dane County – a move that could pump more than $15.9 million into the urban economy during this recession-plagued season.

The project is based on data showing that money spent in locally owned businesses tends to stay in the area and circulate through the community, increasing economic activity. Economists call this the multiplier effect.

You can pledge on their page.You will automatically be entered to win gift certificates from Willy St. Co-op, Dimaggio’s Euro Design and the Downtown Madison Business Improvement District (BID).

You can find a list of locally owned businesses at

3 thoughts on “Buy Local: Pledge to Spend $100 at Local Merchants this Holiday Season

  1. I am not local to that area, but I think this is a great idea in general. I am in favor of supporting local businesses. Although $100 is about half of what we are hoping to spend this year, so that’s quite a bit. Most of what we buy will be secondhand.


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