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I’m an over thinker, an indebted contemplative, & an incessant seeker. I’m grateful that God’s grace changes me continuously. This is a quiet, contemplative blog. I write my poetry, essays and offer my photographs. I hope you will stay and read a while. All photography and words are mine, unless noted. Find me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Organizing and Rearranging

Hi, After having this blog for six and half years, I’m finally reorganizing. WordPress sends their congratulations.  I take the time …


Don’t lose any opportunity, however small, of being gentle toward everyone.

Don’t rely on your own efforts to succeed in your various undertakings, but only on God’s help.

Then rest in his care of you, confident that he will do what is best for you, provided that you will, for your part, work diligently but gently. I say “gently” because a tense diligence is harmful both to our heart and to our task and is not really diligence, but rather over eagerness and anxiety…

I recommend you to God’s mercy. I beg him, through that same mercy, to fill you with his love. – Francis de Sales.


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