Can I Prove God Exists? Yes I Can.

I am starting to write for Provoketive, an online magazine, and this article will be published there tomorrow.  I’m really not supposed to post the same thing here therefore, I’ll leave an excerpt but direct you there…for your commenting pleasure. I’ve never really felt a need to prove that God exists.  Before today that is, when my tawny-headed, freckle-faced son looked up at me with his enormous blue eyes and cried If God is real, Mom, why doesn’t he stop all the bad stuff?  Why Mom, why?

Feeling like I’d been slapped hard across my face by the earnestness and veracity of his question, I realized I don’t want to even touch that question.

Honestly I try not to dwell on that now as I sit here with all my advantages – I enjoy my life, drinking my expensive coffee, in my warm house, sitting in my comfortable chair, at my computer that is connected 24/7 to the world.   I try not to think about my fortunate life or those that have so much less.

No I don’t want to touch those questions.  But sometimes that awareness aches inside me and makes my comfortable life not — so – comfortable.  I cannot escape the world when I turn on the radio or television or get online.  It is there that I find out about people being beheaded.  Women who had acid poured on their face.  That going for firewood in some places in the world will get you raped or assaulted.  Or that being born a girl is still something unwanted in many places in the world.   much less and more importantly why God put me here.  Why I am so seemingly blessed?  And others appear less so?

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  1. Hey I like the blog. I think the answer to your son’s question is able to be answered. If you would like to take the time to read my post entitled “Is God a Fatalist” it may be able to spur on some more thinking on this subject. You can find it here:

    Keep up the writing!

    Travis (


  2. Where in that long but graceful essay was there a shred of proof that god exists? I don’t and would not put down your religion, but when you say “Can I Prove God Exists? Yes I Can.”

    I don’t see the proof. So you care for those who suffer and are tortured, etc.So do I, and I served 8 years in the Marines to prove it. That in NO way proves that there is a god, it only proves that you a good human being with empathy for others..

    (Quote from you)
    “God is gentle, good and powerful. God gave us moral freedom, the power to choose and if we like we may choose to reject him, the creator. (Isaiah 40:11, 12) His intent is to rescue and redeem the world by giving his son.”(End Quote)

    No Decent Man would give his son to suffer in his place. Would you? And according to your bible when Jesus pleaded to god as to why he must suffer the agonies he went through, and asked why God has forsaken him…With no answer….well Damn. I want that kind of daddy. LOL

    (Quote from you)
    “That is the tension. We have the freedom to choose. To see. To hear. To know. We prove God exists and that he cares about the suffering in the world by seeing and speaking out about injustice and prejudice, by a knowing awareness of those that have much less and by working against poverty and hunger and need in the world.” (End Quote)

    God is doing this? Or is it Moral, Kind, Loving people doing it?

    Just think of this. “God help’s those that help themselves” If I or anyone could help ourselves then why would we need God?

    May you, your wife, and your Son grow up to live long and happy lives!
    Thanks For Reading.


    1. My title was arrogant, and thus misguided. I’m sorry! I was simply trying to be provocative.

      Of course I cannot actually prove what I believe — believing in God involves faith. I choose to believe. When I consider who I would be without my faith, in my own flesh, I know that I would not lovingly care for others. I’m too self centered, too corrupt, too comfortable. Left to myself I might just enjoy my comfortable life, if I were completely truthful. But I choose to believe in God — I believe that by Jesus giving his life for me, by God asking his son to do this, this proves (to me) how much he loves us. It was the ultimate sacrifice. But much of the suffering and hardship of the world are consequences of humanity’s choices — but God knows the suffering, that the world is falling apart. He knows the things you have seen. Because he gave us the freedom to choose (moral freedom) humanity has created this world we live in, the suffering of the human race is because of our brokenness, depravity, selfishness, choices. Yours and mine and those through out time. I haven’t read it so cannot say, but it was suggested to me to read Four Views of Divine Providence by Stanley Gundry. I pass that resource on to you. Again, I am truly sorry for sounding like I knew something I couldn’t possibly — belief in the end is imply a leap of faith. Thanks for your challenging words.

      (By the way, I am a woman.)


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