Who Are You?

My son asked me “Who reads your blog?” after I commented out loud that more than 120 people visited the blog last Wednesday. “I have no idea.” I told him.  From time to time someone catches me at church to say they read.  Or that they have lurked on the blog. That’s perfectly okay.

I’m just wondering if you’d be willing to tell me who you are and why, dear reader, you read this blog?

I know you are there but I do not know who many of you are and it would be wonderful to know.  I don’t think it would change what I write but I am curious.  I am interested.  I do wonder who my readers, usually around fifty people, who come a read when I post something.  I don’t know why more people came recently but welcome!


9 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Well, since I comment on the frequent side, I’m sure you know I’m here. I read nearly every post.

    This has caused me to reflect on how we met. How I came here. We were colleagues, but not close friends. I always respected you and admired you, but felt you were too cool to want a deeper relationship with me. That was my own insecurity speaking.

    Oddly, I felt I was friends with Paula, though she was much older than me and as fabulous and hip in her way as you were–but I met her through ministry and the grad group while we were both still students. I think that’s where I met your Tom, too.

    I remember one time when we went on an administrative assistant’s seminar together. That was fun and you helped me feel comfortable on my first business outing.

    I’m so glad I friended you in my early, promiscuous days of friending people on FB. There are many others from that time period that I regret inviting into my life, but with you I feel a real kinship, a shared journey toward real Jesus-following and womanhood and wholeness.

    Your blog inspires me and challenges me, and I’m glad I found you and it.

    (I didn’t really answer your question, more like “Who am I/have I been in your life?” Hope you don’t mind.)


    1. I wasn’t looking for anything specific but curious. Your comments and our interactions with one another have been delightfully challenging and I am always inspired by you too. Thanks for leaving a comment here. As for others, please don’t feel like you have to say anything more than your first name, how you stumbled upon my blog and what keeps you coming back (if relevant.)


  2. Well, Mel. I read most of your blogs to keep myself grounded. You’ve usually got something to say that makes total sense, you put up with shit I wouldn’t, you’re strong, I admire what you have to say. Lately I haven’t been around to read, I’ve been in pscyh hosp., but what I’ve caught between stays is usually encouraging in some way. I’ve encouraged an old classmate of ours to read them more often because we’ve caught up with one another. It’s interesting how our lives have turned out, I’m glad you are able to verbalize yours in a way you can jot it down and make sense of things. Kudos.


  3. I too had relatives in the clergy that have left an impression generations later, so every now and then I remember to check-in and see what is on Melody’s mind. Particularly, since I never seem to just “run into” anyone any more. I get starved for new and interesting ideas:-) Your honesty, beautiful images, poetry and ideas are much appreciated!


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