Angry in the Cereal Aisle

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I got really angry in the cereals aisle today.  I just stood there wanting to scream!!!

To me it epitomized one of the things I find so difficult about being a parent — choosing healthy food!

What is the point of cereal really — which is just a candy or dessert — between the high fructose corn syrup or just plain sugar? It represents everything my children want that I should not buy for them because it is bad.

I think I could go down the whole aisle and not find one healthy cereal.  And the one I might find, costs a small fortune.

How can our culture be so misguided?  How can eating healthy be so expensive and counter-cultural? 

We do our best, okay not quite -our -best.  There is always room for improvement, but we do try to eat well.

But my twelve-year-old cannot run the mile in the prescribed amount of time.  He says he’s fat.  He’s not thin, that’s for sure.  He’s not in organized sports any more. You get to a point where you need skill in a sport to keep going or enough enthusiasm to not care how you perform.  Those converged in about 4th grade.

I am flummoxed.  What do you feed your children for breakfast?  (Names and brands please.)

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