Sometimes Life is Stunning



life is stunning. if you stop

and look.


forget the heavy stuff you carry on your shoulders

(perhaps) set it aside for a minute.


look down

and be filled with wonder,


3 thoughts on “Sometimes Life is Stunning

  1. Yes. Thank you for the image. Sometimes I wish I could capture images like this. Writers are supposed to the divine in the everyday things we see. There is so much God in something like this. I too often brush past and don’t notice it. Cultivating that place in our lives is so hard. The simplicity in the words is overshadowed by the depth and richness in the picture. Photographers speak without words, but your words were refreshing too.

    I’m not good at brevity, nor powerful choices in words. You seem to be able to do such. I enjoyed this one so much, I had to say something. =)


    1. Thank you Charles. I love it when people leave comments to let me know they stopped by. And even more so when it hits them deep in the belly of the soul. I love hearing from you.


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