2 thoughts on “Rage Dreams (a poem)

  1. Nice! My parents just told me they were ashamed of me, that the social justice church (Presbyterian USA) I go to is of the devil and only says words that I want to hear because I’m selfish, that if I weren’t gay and living against God’s Word I wouldn’t be afflicted with an immune disorder, have been sexually abused as a child by one of dad’s deacon’s, and wouldn’t have problems now, and my being gay is THE problem with our country. That if I were Muslim, I would be stoned. They told me that God is punishing me and if I dare ask him what he would have me do, things might be different. That I am welcome at her home, but she is making no effort to ever come see me…she told me she is ashamed of me and I am ruining the family name. My rage is against me. I have no family now, no where to turn. Be thankful for Tom everyday, and your kids, help them grow in love. I’m signing off, Mel. It may take a few days to put things in place, but clearly with family ashamed and no where to turn, it’s time to go. I always cared for you. I’ll look up to you from hell. rt


    1. Bec-I am so truly sorry for what you are experiencing from your parents. I don’t know where that kind of hatred comes from but it isn’t Godly nor should you have to hear it. God loves you Bec and I have always cared about you. Are you going to be okay, I mean today and tomorrow? I know you moved recently, do you have support?


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