Christian leaders can get their priorities wrong.

“If you’ve ever been part of a loving, healthy family

you have smelled the sweet aroma of heaven.

If you’ve ever lived in a troubled, broken home

you have breathed the foul stench of hell.”

I have never heard someone put it quite that honestly before!  Except myself and I have done it with a bit of trepidation.

One of the things that is so difficult for me to reconcile was my father’s anger issues and other dysfunctional behaviors with being a Christian, an ordained minister and a ministry leader.

It is not that I think anyone can or should be perfect by any means, but it was disproportionate, it didn’t improve, and it was very confusing as a child.  (And as an adult for that matter!)

Turns out half of evangelical kids walk away from Christianity as adults.  I’m surprised the numbers aren’t higher actually.

Christian leaders get caught up so often in the doing, the work, others.

We all need to have to have more intentionality with our children.  It isn’t too late.  I choose not to repeat the things I learned growing up.  It is such a relief to know isn’t to late!

The quote above is from the book It Starts at Home.  I’m thinking of reading it.  I only  have 102 titles in front of it on  (Sigh.)

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