He Flew Away :: A fairytale.

This is an old, old story.

There once was a girl who fell in love,

in a moment; in a flash of conversation over the phone.

She fell down, down, down

into his deep, deep voice.

He was full of funny anecdotes. He was charming and open

and he kept calling

that girl.  She fell hard

for the man and his airplanes,

his funny stories and his strange lonely life.  And sometimes

when he wasn’t afraid,  he told her why  he was so very sad

and he held on to her so, so tight.

Why didn’t she know, oh why couldn’t she tell, then,

that the man would never let her in?

That she would be alone, in the end

strangled by his fear and her memories.

There once was a man that met a girl over the phone.

She made him smile and feel warm inside.  He was happy for a while.

And she waited patiently as he travelled the world.

Years of going away and coming back.  This girl, he knew

she was something else but he just couldn’t be sure.

Was it his daddy’s millions that she loved or was it him?

One day the man fell into a million pieces and called the girl.

Come, he cried, everything hurts and the walls are collapsing around me.

He wanted her.

And the girl, she came flying.  Her love made her try, try, try to glue him back together.  She gave it everything.

With her arms wrapped around, sitting there on a playground, a rush of love flooded

Through her.  She knew, for her, he was everything.

So she sat with the man and emotions swirled around, they talked and cried together.

And that girl, she just might have been

what his frightened heart needed, over time.  But  the man

closed up and went away more often.

Over time, he stopped calling.  Stopped needing

the girl.  Stopped wanting.

And though she saved her heart for him, he finally flew away and didn’t return.  And so, she

stood there frozen in time waiting, ever waiting.

But he never came.   There was nothing she could do.

This girl was something but he just couldn’t be sure.

Was it his daddy’s millions that she loved or him?

Not that time, but a hundred times

Again and again, he called her, she came to him, she held him, they laughed together,

And she cried all the way home.

Away the man flew perhaps for the last time.

Off she drove tears streaming.

How could she not have known, as he flew away over and over again —

That he would never let her in.

And one day, many years later, he would find a lady to trust.

And the girl became a woman and still there was nothing she could do.

For ages the girl wondered .

What might have happened if he had given up his daddy’s millions

and stayed in her arms?

Well this tale happened

a long time ago.

Meanwhile the woman who had been

that girl stopped waiting.

After years and years of longing and wondering,

she finally walked the other direction.

She shut her broken heart away

Full knowing.  She just might have been what he needed.  And still,

there was nothing to be done.

Today the woman remembers, still unable to know what might have been.

But she has stopped wondering.

In the real world, she found real love.  Not a dreamy or fairy tale .

And her story

Is only now being written of a girl, who became a woman and learned

She could love and be loved in return.  And that is worth knowing, worth remembering

worth writing down because she didn’t stay broken forever.

She learned to love again.

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