Anger cannot fully describe my emotions.

Folly is what occurred.  (But no dentists were hurt I promise.)

After preparing myself and Jacob all day for the extraction of three of his teeth ….

… took 1/2 day off school.
… talked about it dozens of times, about bravery and necessity and consequences.
… bought bribe toy, comfort stuffed animal, and bribe milkshake.
… spent almost an hour numbing his mouth with the dentist poking him up to 20 times with his long needle of Novocaine, ten of which he actually felt.

… finally,  a small amount of kicking (more like writhing),  screaming (at times blood curdling I will admit) and lots of tears, holding his mouth saying “Don’t pull my teeth!” …

the damned dentist says:

“We don’t have to pull them today.”

“YES WE DO!” I say! It just burst out of me.

“Are you f***ing kidding me?” did not come out until I was in the car later.

But once this was out, my already traumatized eight year old son was very willing to put off for another day what he did not want to do anyway.

I reaffirmed that he would still have to have the teeth pulled, that he would have to repeat everything that happened in the last hour, and he would NOT get the toy in the trunk of my car.

But once the option was on the table, no matter my protest, there was no cajoling, no amount of pushing, (mild) threatening, frustration, anger, disappointment, or fury was going to change his little freaked out mind.

“I can recommend an Oral Surgeon, who has the capability to make him more comfortable ( a dentist’s euphemism for “knock him out cold”) so that these teeth can be pulled.”

Fine. Give me the referral. We start anew on Monday morning at 8:00am where we will have a Consult for pulling the teeth.  Then schedule a teeth pulling, where they likely give him a shot that knocks him out and he won’t remember anything.

I have no more words. But for those of you who have followed this saga here, and here, if I was not convinced before I am now we will be changing dentists.

Here’s what I think he should have done.  Pulled Mom out in the hall to discuss the options.  Let mom decide or at least have a say in whether the child is offered a reprieve.  Am I wrong?

3 thoughts on “Anger cannot fully describe my emotions.

  1. Ugh. I wish you could come here. I’ve got a fabulous and quick children’s dentist. But the oral surgeon sounds like a good option too. So sorry (and I totally agree that is what he should have done.)


    1. This morning we met with the oral surgeon, who will perform the extractions (knock on wood.) It’ll only cost us $475. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  2. Oh, my! What a trauma. I think the dentist should have been hurt! To say that in the ear shot of the patient is not appropriate. On the other hand. If this needs to be done, 3 teeth extracted, and he was not cooperating already – putting his hand in front of his mouth – it would not have gone well AT ALL! I’m sure he will have to be knocked out cold. You really don’t want to traumatize him that much. I have a friend who had a lot of baby teeth pulled as a child – she’s still terrified of dentists!


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