Top five reasons to buy Local

Reasons for Buying Local

Reason 1

Enrich the community economy. Each time money you spend money at a locally owned business, the tax stays in Dane County to support local resources such as schools, parks, police and fire and much more.

  • When you spend $100 at a locally owned business: $68 stay in local economy and $32 leave the local economy.

  • When you spend $100 at a non-locally owned business or chain, $43 stay in local economy and $57 leave the local economy.

Reason 2

Keep Dane County original. We make sure that unique, one-of-a-kind businesses survive which is what makes Madison interesting.  There are hundreds of locally owned restaurants and shops.

Reason 3

Provide more jobs. Altogether, locally owned independent businesses are our largest employer.

Reason 4

Ensure a solid foundation for local nonprofit organizations who serve us. Locally owned businesses give more.

Reason 5

Create good places to work.

Dane Buy Local is a group of locally owned and independent businesses, community groups and services working together to support a healthy local community.  Their website has information on over 400 shops and services that make our county unique.  excerpted from Go to their website for an up-to-date directory of members.

Madison Originals is a nonprofit association of local, independently owned restaurants dedicated to preserving the area’s unique local flavor.  You can buy and print gift certificates online.

Supporting local organizations helps keep our county unique, interesting and vibrant.

Remember $50 spent in three local businesses on Black Friday or over the weekend will put money back into our economy and support jobs and the needs of those around us.  I’ve written about that here.

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