I’m married to a dreamer!

I’m married to a dreamer and I love him for it.

I have to say that this clip moved me beyond expectation!

This unassuming, 47 year old, kind of dowdy but spirited woman who has ‘never been kissed’ and lives with her cat really took me by surprise.  It’s a great clip, but what means even more to me is I live with a musician, and tho’ he’s handsome and successful at his work, the thing he loves more than anything is making music.  He just gets better and better and I love him for the fact that it erupts out of him.  He couldn’t stop the music if he wanted to, and I hope that he never wants to stop.

What is the one thing that you ALWAYS WISHED you had done?  DO IT! Start it.  Finish it.  Whatever it is, try.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

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