Flow of Consciousness – 2

Unlikely AM thoughts.  I’m home with two sick kids, one whining, one enduring, and I am so frustrated with the whiner!!!! She’s refusing to take her antibiotics. Can kids do that? She’s so eleven.  So I may have to end this suddenly!

About yesterdays entry:  Thanks for all your emails.  Wow.  A rush of support and friendship which I am so grateful to receive.  At times I feel kind of stupid for being so vulnerable and then I remind myself this is me.   Though I don’t want this, it doesn’t mean I’m incompetent or undesirable or unlovable or unhirable (technically not a word, but you know what I mean) or unwhatever.

It’s just me, complicated, kind of a mess some days, but really okay so many others.  And I’ve come to understand that perhaps my words can help; I know it helps me, but maybe it will also help someone else.

With two kids home sick at this point, I am marooned and thereby forced to get a few things done like take down the Christmas tree (no, it’s not down yet!) and balance the family budget (not done since before the holidays – yikes – and was keeping me awake last night) and sort out what to eat for dinner. Planning ahead helps with the “moods” and actually plowing us out from a big snowy dumping this AM helped a lot too.  That fresh air and exercise was brilliant!

Today I am thinking and will get back to you later.

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