To Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I read with interest your thoughts on Obama being elected.  You are one of the most generous people on MSNBC (sometimes you are so full of restraint!) and I value your comments and critique.

“… something changed on Tuesday when Americans — white, black, Latino, Asian — entrusted a black man with the power and responsibility of the presidency. …”

I have five biracial nieces and nephews (two half Nigerian/half white and three half Mexican-American & half white) and a Chinese nephew and niece (with white parents.)

One picture of this new America is I have observed with great interest over the last decade as the kids in the March Madness contest have become clearly bi-racial and of many different mix of races.

Also all around me in my neighborhood here in Madison, WI, I see mixed families through marriage and adoption.

It is a new world that we are raising our kids in, a beautiful one.  The emotions you were describing — I appreciate so much!  I am so glad that these beautiful kids and my own are growing up in this time and place in our history to be relieved from the burden and pain, of the sting, of racism you and your parents have experienced.  They need to know our history of course, but they are living in a world in which there are fine examples to both inspire and to aspire to become… I know that Obama is but a symbol of change and that each of us has an ongoing responsibility to continue the important changes.

Thanks for your fine commentary.  I admire you immensely.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

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