Life is not Pass or Fail: A Mother’s Day Remembrance

I have always seen “weakness” as a defect and here on this blog I say a lot about what I consider to be my own weaknesses – the narrative playing in my head and here on these pages for years has been a fear that I am too broken and weak to be useful at all….

I Never Wanted to be Like My Mother

I never wanted to be like my mother. My mother stayed for more than 40 years in a marriage that broke her heart.  She admits now that she was afraid. She married in the late fifties, when women couldn’t even have a bank account in their name.  She was a teacher and worked to put…

{A Good Mother}

What does it mean to be a good mother? Limits, but it’s also that tender balance of sweet unconditional grace, even total acceptance and then, the hard core follow through that is so tough for me to do. Rules, limits, follow through. You can’t let them totally fail, but falling down every once in a…

My Mother

my mother Afraid, but hopeful. Broken, but strong. Beaten down, but still standing. Striped of dignity, but noble and full of grace. Ancient, but full of youth. Doubting, but faithful and sincere. Inconsistent, but unchanging. Wounded but kind. Forgiving and forgiven. My Mother.