My Crazy Slow Surrender to Life’s Beauty

Life is worn and tearing, and this makes me profanely angry. I hear a baby cry in the distance, just a simple need for succor and in an instant, I’m filled with Memory—Grief for What’s Lost. For when it was my breast, feeding the cry, when mine were young, I did not understand The Wonder. …

The Illusion of Enlightenment & the Boob Tube

  My father used to call our television the Boob Tube.  I don’t know where that name comes from, but I always thought he meant if we watched too much we’d turn into “boobs” ie.stupid. Now that I think about it Boob Tube a horrible name in a house full of women. He never really…

Albert Einstein and Naming My Blog

I just love how he thought, how he “worked” at his faith, how he was impressed by the lavishness of the Creator and of the person of Jesus Christ. And I love this:

“… the most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious…”

There is no limit to life, when your imagination and mind are vivid and developing. This gives me hope.