let go (a poem)

let go   To part with sarcasm’s drips, acid burning on my tongue, corrosive and scalding a hole in my soul; I know the true beneficiary, me.  

Hatred’s Sweet Kiss (a poem)

Hatred’s sweet kiss deceives, leaving me battered, shattered, and alone. Only holy soul work undoes the damage of deep aching; ravages of original toil, wanting to be God.

On Complaining and Criticizing, Part 2

[This is a follow-up to On Complaining and Criticizing, part 1.] On Feb 17th, 2011 I decided I was going to stop.  Stop contributing to the negativity in our culture.  Stop verbalizing my negative thoughts about people. And criticising and not affirming or building up others.  And perhaps become a more positive person. So far,…