Logic & Imagination

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a huge battle. — Phylo of Alexandria

I am still processing time I spent today, alongside my mother and a lot of mostly grey haired women, at the Holy Wisdom monastery. And my ten-year old turns eleven tomorrow, so life will be a little full over the next twenty-four hours with ice-cream cake and video games,  rides here and there, and the flow of life as a mother of four.

While I mull on what I have learned, I thought you might enjoy seeing the list of the top ten articles on my blog this month.  A few are recent work, but I was surprised to see that several are oldies but goodies like What’s a Woman of Leisure?, On Parenting Deeply and Well, and the ebb and flow.

Title Views
Home page 400
If you Read Nothing Else from me. Read this. ((On healing)) 72
What’s a Woman of Leisure? (Not that you asked) 69
Can I “forget” that I’m a Woman while at Church? Forgetting and Forgiving 55
On Parenting Deeply and Well 46
Perfect Practice (A poem about Lent) 45
My Sobriety and My Sin 44
To Lent or not to Lent, that is the Question 42
the ebb and flow 39
Faith Transforms Me, Sometimes. 37
Uncluttered, Exposed and Present: Touching the Unknown (a poem) 36

It is an incredible honor to know that you all are reading and walking with me.